Evro Stil Trejd DOO* was established in 2007 as a partnership between Evro Stil (Skopje) and its owner Mr. Enver Bekiri and Amperel*(Bulgaria), owner Mr. Haralampos Thanopolus.

Located in Skopje at the Industrial Zone “Vizbegovo” ( 2 000 sq.m)
2. Vehicles
– Fleet: 40
3. Information technology
CFMA adapted commercial software
Online ordering system with Samsung tablets
Merchandising software which provides real time photos & reports from every visit of a client
Marketing module for tracking all marketing activities & costs

5 regions of coverage:
1. Skopje region
2. Strumica region
3. Stip region
4. Bitola region
5. Ohrid region
– Ohrid,Struga,Kicevo,Debar,Resen

Who We Are:

Established in 2007

The company acts in the field of commercial services which include Sales, Marketing, Merchandising and Logistics.
Evro Stil Trejd has its own direct national distribution network in all distribution channels and throughout the country with 100% coverage of the territory of North Macedonia.
Offices and warehouse are located in the capital city Skopje.

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ul.1550 15 Vizbegovo
1000 Skopje, North Macedonia
phone: +389 2 5204 443
email: info@evrostiltrejd.com.mk