Personal Care and Cosmetics


GlaxoSmithKline is a British – American scientific research pharmaceutical company. It is the second largest in the pharmaceutical world industry with about 7% of the market, with over 110,000 employees, in more than 160 countries worldwide and manufacturing centers around the world.
The great experience, exceptional professionalism and the size of the company are factors that contribute to the company having a reputable and large portfolio of high quality products.
The GSK has 3 global businesses that explore, develop and produce innovative pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. Our goal is to be one of the most innovative, most effective and trustworthy healthcare companies in the world. Our values ​​and expectations are the heart of everything we do and help to define our culture – so that together we can deliver excellent things for our patients and consumers and make GSK a brilliant place to work.
Our values ​​are the focus of the patient, transparency, respect and integrity.
Our expectations are Courage, accountability, continuous development and teamwork.

In 1995, Solvex Cosmetic Products Ltd. was founded. in Plovdiv, when the first product was created – series of hair colors “Magic Woman”. The company aims to work in a specific area of ​​competence – creation, production and trade with own cosmetic products. For the next 19 years, they have gone into the company’s continuous expansion, growing diversity of products and their growing success at home and in more than 40 countries around the world.
The company has its own wide production base (laboratory, industrial buildings and warehouses), all equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment. All Solvex products are created by highly qualified experts for a scientific laboratory in the World Standards and Health Legislation in Bulgaria and are clinically and dermatologically tested at the University Hospital St. George.
They collaborate with some of the world’s largest laboratories such as Sederma-France, Pentapharm-Switzerland, Manne-France, Jean-Nile-France, Cognis-Germany, Simirse-Germany and many others in creating new production formulas, additional confidence that the products will be appreciated and will satisfy even the customers with the highest demands and classic taste.


A successful story that began with great dreams at a small workshop in 1927 in Erzurum …
The founder of Eyup, Mehmet Rifat Eviap, is the largest producer of quality products, starting with one of the most natural hygiene symbols; soap. Today, within that fundamental principle; products manufactured with the latest technology are suitable for everyone. With lines of products such as soaps, shower gels, shampoos, shaving products, skin care creams, scented cosmetics, baby diapers and toothpastes, Eyupp has become an indispensable part of life.
EVYAP carries out much of the export of soap and personal care products in 100 countries and has production in 3 different countries.
With more than 3,000 employees, Eyjap is one of the top 100 corporations in Turkey and it also performs “negotiated production” for world leading brands.


Pyramid 72 was founded in 1993 in Sabac. We started as a family business, driven by the idea and the desire to provide our users with personal hygiene products and cosmetics that are used daily, which according to their quality and price will best meet their needs.
The formula for the long-term trust and satisfaction of our consumers is in the unchanged quality and values, following the latest trends in the market and technology and building a fair relationship with consumers.


Established in 1986 under the name Burda Ticaret, Burda Bebek A.Ş, the company has over thirty years of history in producing high quality products for mothers and babies.
Burda Bebek as a company is proud of being leaders in this industry and promising to be honest, transparent and communicate with their clients who are our clients as their general representative for the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.


SEPTONA was founded in 1975 and is a 100% Greek family company, one of the most dynamically growing in the personal care market, with a wide range of products and export activity in over 70 countries around the world.

SEPTONA supports its development in modern technology, in the superior quality of the products it produces and in the highly know-how human resources.

Continuous investments in research and new innovative technologies, combined with a complete quality assurance system at every stage of production, ensure excellent and quality products, making SEPTONA synonymous with QUALITY, PURITY & NATURALITY in daily care.

The vision of the company is the satisfaction of the daily needs of even the most demanding consumers with high quality products. Each of our products goes through thorough inspections during the production process, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the high quality of the products.

The company’s factories are certified according to IFS-HPC, the highest certificate awarded to companies in the industry. This certificate is a confirmation of the flawless operation of the production, which ensures the consumer consistently excellent quality products and places SEPTONA among the leading personal hygiene companies in the world, while at the same time making it the only company in Greece with this certification.

SEPTONA has 510 employees and has 4 state-of-the-art units in the industrial area of ​​Inofyta, Boeotia.




Aquafresh is one of the world’s largest oral care brands for mass use.
The only red, white and blue-colored toothpaste makes the product visually distinctive, but also highlights the triple benefits of strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath, protection of the entire oral cavity.


SENSODYNE – toothpastes are recommended by Dentists around the world, specially formulated for sensitive teeth. Provides a proven release from a feeling caused by sensitive teeth and provides long-lasting protection against sensitivity. If you are exposed to such a risk of sensitive teeth using Senseidine paste teeth can make a big difference to your everyday life and your overall oral health.


PARODONTAX – Toothpaste with its formula helps to stop and prevent gum bleeding. With twice daily brushing with the Parodontax toothpastes, a clinically proven reduction in plaque build-up is a major cause of bleeding gums.


COREGA – the products improve the comfort of people who carry prosthetic products.
Correga’s range of products helps dentures do not care about their prostheses. A range of low abrasive cleaners are specially formulated to keep the dentures clean and fresh and help prosthesis holders in the daily maintenance of oral hygiene. Correct fix creams are those that secure the fixing of the prosthesis, which contributes to a very high comfort in the everyday life of the user of prosthetic preparation.


Elea hair permanent cream hair color with a professional formula for the perfect COLOR and care, specially developed by hairdressers for home use.
Permanent cream hair color “ELEA Professional COLOR & CARE”:
Perfect, professional tint of color and coverage of 100% gray hair. Cream formula with grape seed oil for saturated, evenly distributed color from the roots to the tips of the hair that is easily applied.
Professional CARE – intensive hair care with special ingredients CARE Complex – almond oil, avocado and jojoba, which in combination with grape oil make the hair soft and beautiful.


MM Beauty is a tender formula for hair, up to 30% less content of oxidizing agents for healthy hair with saturated, rich and long-lasting color.
• Protected phyto complex of birch, germ, chamomile and marigold – it calms and nourishes the scalp for maximum protection of the hair during staining.
• A 1 minute mask for dyed hair with honey and ginger – nourishes the hair to the root, forms a “honey coating” that wraps the hair and increases its elasticity.


MM Luxe permanent cream hair color with a professional formula for perfect nuance and care, specially developed by hairdressers.
The new Miss Magic Luxe Colors offers maximum coverage of white hair, durable colors and gentle care. Her balanced formula, combined with the precious oils of Argan, Avocado and Badem, has been specially developed for the perfect penetration of pigments in the hair. Argan oil acts as a “nutritional supplement” – it nourishes dry and damaged hair, restores its natural softness and luster. The extract of nettle, vitamin F and keratin provide the volume and elasticity of the hair.


Trend color unique hair color that provides even saturated colors and perfectly cover white hairs. Its delicate and rich formula with extract of hives and vitamins makes the hair soft, vital and shiny.


Elea Depil – By using the hair removal cream on the body “Elea” you will get rid of all unwanted fibers in a fast, easy and painless manner and you will be completely satisfied with the long-lasting results.
The delicate formula of the depilation cream is designed to quickly and painlessly remove all unwanted hair on the body. Especially suitable for bikinis. Enriched with moisturizing and soothing ingredients, chamomile extract and geranium extract, this hair removal cream softens the skin and provides an anti-inflammatory effect. Cream-balm after the depilation with the smell of kiwi and citrus calms the delicate skin and slows down the regeneration of the hair.
ELEA body hair removal bands – offer a quick, easy and efficient way to remove unwanted hair on the body.
They provide depilation even for shorter hair, provide a long lasting effect (up to 4 weeks) and leave the skin soft and smooth with a pleasant fresh scent.


Arko, in its portfolio contains a wide range of shaving products, care and personal hygiene. When it comes to shaving, world trends are always followed in order to meet the demand of the most complex consumers. In addition to the foams, creams as well as Berber’s soap for shaving here include and after-shave lotion as well as the universal cream Arco Nim Classic which is designed for face care, hands and body.


Evy baby
The only cream with a cream approved by the Turkish children’s dermatological association and the mothers!
By combining its experience and technology, Evyap has gathered all the features that are expected from a diaper in the Evy Baby diapers. As a result of continued research and development, Evy Baby products are now segmented with their packages and define product functions according to the needs of babies and in line with market dynamics. & Nbsp;
In diapers for babies included in the “New Baby” segment with a yellow package, the use of chemicals is avoided due to the susceptible skin of the newborn babies.
The portfolio of this brand also includes Ewi Babies wet handkerchiefs.
In diabetic research around the world, it is revealed that safety is a very important factor in selecting products and brands for mothers for their children. Therefore, in order to gain the trust of the mother for diapers Evi Baby, a joint study was conducted with the Turkish children’s dermatological association. In this study, TPDS tested Evi Baby Diapers at university hospitals and gave maximum marks to them.


Aromel – in its portfolio contains cosmetic products for body care. The Right Straight and Emotion include Gay, Emotion, Privacy and Blade deodorants.


Duru is a wide range of products for personal hygiene such as shampoos, shower gels, soaps-unit and set, liquid soaps, Duru cologne and women’s set products!


Fax contains products intended for personal hygiene. Claim soaps, liquid as well as antibacterial soaps for releasing the bacteria from the surface of the skin.


FRESH – Napkins have a strong and strong texture, but are soft and gentle when touched by the skin. They are valuable help in any situation in the household. They will be perfect for your festive evenings, celebrations, as well as for every family lunch or preparation of snacks. They are produced in different types, colors and patterns – monochrome, for everyday use, with interesting motifs, with discrete and elegant patterns, in packages for small or large guests, as well as in one, two or three layers.


Wee baby e brand with over 400 different products, in over 30,000 stores in the territory of R. Turkey.
– A brand that always works in accordance with European Quality Standards.
– A brand that is a market leader in the Republic of Turkey.
– First brand in R. Turkey with all European certificates recognized globally.
– Wee Baby’s vision?
– As a leading brand in Turkey, in addition to upgrading their domestic success, they focus on exporting locations in Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, making Wee Baby the world’s leading international brand.
Using the latest technology, we have made our mission to create safer, more reliable and trendy products.
And last but not least, Wee Baby appreciates consumers!
Wee Baby is always trying to develop new products, which makes them better for us as consumers.


The products from the brand Septona are present on our market in two categories:
– Cotton products for personal care of the whole family
– Antibacterial wet wipes for everyday use.

The cotton products are made of 100% high quality cotton and are hypoallergenic, microbiological and dermatologically tested, for which they have certificates from all relevant European institutions.

SEPTONA antibacterial wipes with green apple,lemon and orange scent, neutralize germs and flu viruses H1N1 and H3N2, thanks to their composition with ethyl alcohol. They are the ideal solution for hands always to be clean, wherever you are: in the office, at school, in the car, on trips.