Food and Beverages


The company was founded in 1947 from the vision of Alexandros Kikiza to create a food industry that emphasizes the raw materials of our country, turning them into high quality products. Today, 6 decades later, the third generation of the Kikiza family heads one of the leading food companies in Greece with presence in more than 35 countries. The production of pasta and grapes is our main activity. We absorb 100,000 tons of high quality Greek hard wheat. The vertically integrated mill in Larissa produces more than 50,000 tonnes of pasta annually, making our industry one of the three largest in Europe! Our presence on the European market has been strengthened with the establishment of the Atlanta SA subsidiary through which we export a range of Greek products to the Polish market, such as pasta, olive oil, olives, halva and wines.

NUTRIM was founded in 1993. He is a well-recognized producer of specialized foods, dietary supplements and beverages. NUTRIM’s list of products contains over 150 products intended for athletes and for people involved in regular physical activity, as well as for all who aim for a healthy lifestyle. The company has an integrated system for controlling and managing key points in ISO 9001 / HCAAP certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. NUTRIM products are well placed on many foreign markets in the EU, North and South America, as well as in the Middle East. Some of the items on the list of products are also offered under the private labels of world-renowned brands. Nutrim, MaxDynamix and Isoton are trademarks of NUTRIM Co.Ltd.

Go4® starts production in 2015 with the production of Go4Raw® bio bars in three flavors. In one year, the assortment increased nine more flavors, and in the spring of 2016 started the production of three types of crackers of organic vegetables. Initially, the products are intended for the Bulgarian market, and since 2016, after the products of Go4® won four awards from international exhibitions of bioorganic and innovative products – London and Malmö, they are becoming appreciated in international markets and exported to 15 countries in Europe , including 12 EU countries and Switzerland, Turkey and Macedonia. The Go4® team consists of people who have a healthy diet and lifestyle. We strive for continuous improvement by gradually increasing our production capabilities, the range of products and their distribution across the country and overseas markets. In addition, the whole cycle of production, raw materials, technology and innovation, we believe, will lead to more sustainable changes in people’s habits, behavior and living standards in a positive direction.

As an organization that wants to revolutionize the way people buy products, we have core values:
– Deeply rooted in fair business procedures.
– Superior quality products.
– Great service.
– Safe and healthy environment.
– Respect for all people.
We believe that every part of the delivered product should be of top quality. Therefore, all necessary quality controls are properly implemented. WBM International follows strict labor laws and is committed to producing products that satisfy customer satisfaction. When we tell you that a product of superior quality is important, we really think it. We are pleased that we can say that WBM International is the first producer of Himalayan salt, in accordance with ISO: 9001-2000 specifications. These are strict provisions that must be respected in the production process and internationally recognized as acceptable production standards. WBM International is also prominent in ETL safety standards. We donate part of our profits through the WBM International Foundation to protect the environment and educate people about the need for it.

Our philosophy for producing natural, healthy and high quality dairy products dates back to the 1880s, when farmers in Denmark and Sweden joined forces with one common goal: to produce and supply the best dairy products. Since we are owned by farmers, all our income is returned to farmers. This means that when people buy our products, the money is equally divided between each liter of milk that our suppliers supply. It is also a key part of our cooperative philosophy. In our newly built Arla Innovation Center, along with the product development teams in the UK, Sweden, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and the United States, we passionately innovate from farm to table to create future dairy products in the world. We do this with the most advanced scientific and consumer laboratories and pilot plant of 2000 m2, with greater flexibility to install any kind of process needed for our innovative projects. The Innovation Center is at the heart of Denmark’s Food Cluster, ranked first in the EU in terms of business investment in research and development of food and beverages, and our researchers are strongly linked and are innovating across the whole of Arla and its markets.


The Primo Gusto brand was born in 1991, along with the need for a wide range of products that will appeal to younger consumers who live in intense rhythm and are looking for something easy and at the same time very quality! Primo Gusto got fanatical consumers who chose it because of the high quality of pasta, but also for its beautiful red packaging. The high quality Primo Gusto pasta is based on an unsurpassed recipe for those seeking the authentic character of pasta. It is a mixture of rare varieties, limited production of durum wheat, which gives us an even high quality bite, resulting in a perfect blanching paste (unheated and boiled) and an ideal “durability” for boiling for Al Dente pleasure.

They are isotonic sports drinks that give the body water, electrolytes and minerals during and after physical activity. Their composition provides maximum physical capacity and rapid delivery of muscle glucose. They protect against dehydration, heat stroke and hypoglycaemia. It quickly extinguishes the thirst, even in small volume, due to the specially developed mineral composition. Low calorie – suitable for people who want to lose weight.

Each Go4® product is based on the latest Australian health assessment system, which besides the quality of the product estimates the composition of nutrients. & nbsp; Unprocessed Go4® bars are not subject to thermal treatment and therefore their beneficial properties have maximum health effects. Each Go4® tape contains super-foods such as Chia, Inca Beri, Spirulina, Goji Beri, hemp protein and others. Go4® has some of the best suppliers of bio-certified foods. We monitor the production process from the garden to the packaging to guarantee the golden combination of quality and good price.

Himalayan Chief is a brand of WBM International, the largest producer, exporter and importer of this ancient salt. Our range of products ranges from table salt to dining to pillars made of pink salt for decorative fans. Our headquarters are in Flemington, New Jersey, where it is distributed nationally. We started as a small company that sells salt lamps for health and natural food stores and has grown into a company that extracts salt, makes lamps, exports and distributes to customers ranging from national chains to health food stores. Our Himalayan pink salt shows serious signs of growth in consumption. It’s the healthiest salt in the world – it’s not processed, with 84 of its ingredients untouched and without added chemicals. She was awarded the best tasting salt in the world.

After seven years of successful business partnership, Starbucks signed a new strategic licensing agreement with the dairy cooperative owned by farmer Arla Hughes. The two companies have signed a long-term 21-year strategic deal, authorizing Arla Foods to continue producing, distributing and marketing beverages containing 20% ​​Starbucks premium coffee for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Duncan Moore, vice president of channel development and food service, Starbucks EMEA, says: “The strength of our relationship with Arla Foods over the past seven years has noted that our RTD business has grown by an average of 40% annually in EMEA. Licensing signals our commitment to continue to work together to develop the business within the beverage sector and we are proud to work with Arla Foods. ” Commenting on the deal, Han Sondergaard, executive vice president and CMO at Arla Foods, said: “We are proud to take another step in our partnership with Starbucks, with excellent Starbucks coffee drinks tastings for consumers across Europe and the Middle East while adding value to our milk to farmers. Consumers in the EMEA region have welcomed the excellent taste and top beverage, and we remain committed to working closely with Starbucks to develop the category in the future. ”


Sparta Gold is our main exported product, as it is present in the largest supermarket chains and delicatessen stores in the international market. Its superior quality is recognized worldwide by the International Taste and Quality Institute, ITQI, but also by the International Institute of Quality, Monde Selection, which granted to our product the “Silver Award 2014”. It constitutes the authentic, traditional extra virgin olive oil, which encompasses the wealth of nature in a tablespoon. The freshly harvested olives are selected from olive groves of Peloponnese. When you open a bottle, you can immediately recognize a rich flavor, a spicy finish and a velvety texture. It is characterized by its bright and clear green color. Sparta Gold is available in glass bottles of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1lt and in tins of 3lt, 4lt and the 5lt. Now, it is also available in 250ml, 500ml and 750ml tins. Try Sparta Gold to enhance the flavor of your dish.


Hellenic Fine Oils is a company that strives to become a leader in the food industry by developing and distributing products from Greece all over the world.   It is a purely Greek family business that maintains its values ​​in a highly competitive environment. Our company is active in the production and packaging of olive oil and oil from seeds, as well as in the trade in delicatessen products with presence in more than 40 countries. Hellenic Fine Oils applies a quality management system in all stages of standardization, bottling and operation with olive oil and seed oil in accordance with international standards ISO 2200: 2005 and IFS Food Standard. Our products are recognized for their rich taste and their high nutritional value, which is maintained without the addition of preservatives during the production process.